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As it is holiday season and Christmas is round the corner too, you will be coming up with plans every other day. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed and enjoyment is unending fun when it is with friends or a good gathering that may include your neighbors too. Traveling is a very important part of our outdoor leisure plans but driving is not the same when it is winter season. When a hindrance occurs while traveling whether it is a tyre puncture, traffic jam or your car breaks down because of any reason; it seems as if excitement starts fading.

Enjoyment must not stop no matter what! Toronto airport transportation has a number of luxurious vehicles for hire. There are many special aspects about these trendy vehicles but if we look at the snowy roads and foresee what can happen to a car with ordinary wheels when on the snowy road, we must know that airport limousine is equipped with special winter tyres that make driving better in winter. No matter how large the party size is all the vehicles from 3 passengers Sedan to 14 passengers Van and Party Bus are geared with tyres that are capable of beating the snow on the roads.

So make a limo hire when planning winter outdoor activities and be sure that you will not be distracted by the vehicle that you are traveling in. Limo hire is a great way to save money on leisure trips, especially long distance ones.


Christmas is the time of the year that everyone practices gratitude for all that they have. Many festive traditions such as great feasts and singing Christmas carols have originated from the 1,800s. In order to teach your children to celebrate Christmas in a truly traditional fashion you can always celebrate Christmas at Black Creek Pioneer Village.

Black Creek Pioneer Village has many structures that were built in the 19th century like churches, hotels, schools, mills and shops that you can visit.

The Christmas celebrations at Black Creek are designed to be enjoyable for the whole family so hire a limo or a luxury vehicle to travel comfortably to Black Creek village from a Toronto transportation service. There are many Christmas celebratory activities that include children’s entertainment, meals, treats and wagon tours.

Your family can snuggle together in front of the fire and enjoy the traditional Christmas music that plays at night. A traditional turkey and pumpkin pie dinner is served during the holidays.

Christmas is a holiday that is best celebrated with your family and loved ones. You have to be careful and make sure that you have planned out the trip to Black Creek. You need to have a reliable vehicle with a designated driver that will take the responsibility of ensuring you reach the Village and reach home safely. This is a reason why it is a good idea to hire the services of reliable Toronto transportation service.

Our loved ones deserve to be happy and grateful at Christmas. They must also learn to appreciate the values of Christmas and the many traditions past down that are a part of the celebrations. Hire a Toronto limo and celebrate Christmas at Black Creek.


The event you’ll remember for your lifetime is the Prom Night. It’s not just the day to say goodbye to your school, people and things that were part of your life but it’s also a new beginning of your life. The prom illustrates you’re a mature person now and you can take independent decisions, take new turns in life and make your future brighter.

There are many reasons you should make your prom night a special one and perfect. You have an ideal partner and a beautiful outfit ready for prom night. The next thing to make your prom extraordinary is a wonderful ride.

Don’t think a lot, go for a traditional option, limousine. Old is gold and it won’t let you down. Would you want to be dropped in an old car? Certainly not, so what can be better than hiring a limousine. You may think hiring a limousine is a bit conventional but you can impress your girl with the class and style of a limousine. You can find various Toronto Airport Limousine services to get a limousine booked in advance. But before hiring a limousine read these useful tips:

  • Make sure that the limousine company must be authorized and certified. You can’t imagine to be stopped by the cops on your prom night.
  • Make sure the Chauffeur is trained and knows the routes. If the limousine company is genuine then its drivers must have permit numbers, ask for your driver’s permit number- it’s your right!
  • Wear the seat belts. Yes, it will crease your outfit a bit but fixing the crease is always better than fixing your broken face.
  • Book your Toronto limousine in advance to avoid any disappointments.
  • Some of the parents must be reading this blog; we have a tip for them too. Ask your children about the route they’re planning to take to the venue. How many friends are going along with your child in the limousine? Always cross check the route with the limousine company’s chauffeur.

Be safe, have fun!

When was the last time you have travelled to a concert of your favorite singer? If you have been to one, how was your experience? Thrilling, exciting and fun? Yes, that’s what concerts are all about. Singers through their melodious voice and music captivate the mind of people and make them move to the beat of the sound.

Be it trance, jazz or pop music, it will definitely make you tap your feet even if you do not get up to dance from your seat. It has been said that music is the food for soul and many people live on this as according to them they cannot imagine their lives without music.

To experience this state of trance, you can look for an upcoming concert in Toronto. This might excite you to know that Taylor Swift is back in Toronto to entertain her fans yet again with her “Fairy Tale” lyrics and her chirpy attitude! With Ed Sheeran support she will be performing at the Rogers Center on 15 June 2013.

Her concert will begin at 6:30 PM sharp and will go onwards. With her beautiful voice she will be grabbing the attention of all the spectators who will be present on June 15 to witness Taylor Swift’s groovy performance live. She will be singing few tracks from her new music album Red which was released last year in October. Her songs from this fourth album remained on the top ten for quite some time.

You might have heard “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” on the radio or on your iPod many times but this is the chance to hear it live as she is definitely going to sing this hit number in her upcoming concert. So, what are you waiting for, grab the phone and call up all your friends to know if they are up for this amazing concert.

To reach at the venue you will be needing a car in which all your friends can hop in, obviously your mom or dad won’t give their car to you, so book a limo from Celimo which will drop you off at the mentioned time and will also pick you up from the concert to home. What more do you want? Renting a limousine would help you organize your plan and you will, without any doubt. praise the services provided by them.

You could even ask your friends to contribute in the money to pay the rent as it the packages are economical and won’t make you go bankrupt. So, make your weekend a memorable one by travelling to your favorite singer’s concert lavishly in a limo.

When was the last time you surprised your mom with something that made her smile? Think for a while, well think again! If you do not remember the time or moment then do not be disheartened or feel down because you have a great chance to make it up to her this Mother’s day!

You might come up with gazillion ideas, like taking her to her favorite restaurant, buying new clothes for her from her favorite brand store or even buying tickets for an upcoming movie she has been waiting for ages. If you have anything of that sort in mind then Ce Limo would be there for you to make the Mother’s Day celebrations huge.

On 12th of May 2013, you can travel with your mother to any destination you want in a grand way in an airport limousine or taxi of Ce limo. You have to make the booking beforehand or call us to get the details of the limousine you want to book for your mom. This amazing surprise is definitely going to make her day and she would get the chance to experience royalty.

Mother’s Day is a great day to show the love and affection you have in your heart for your mom. We usually neglect the care and love of mothers as we are so busy in our own lives. So, now it is the time and the right day to confess your unconditional love to your mother by making her feel like a queen of the house. The surprise of seeing a limousine waiting outside the door for her will definitely be an amazing one.

If you are worried about the rates then start collecting your pocket money today. You would be happy to know that Ce limo has extremely economical limousine rental rates, so you do not have to worry about the charges. Be it a movie plan, visit to a shopping mall or to a place your mom really loves to go; make it worth remembering by hiring an airport taxi or limousine. Trained chauffeurs and drivers will be at your service on the time given by you and will drop you at your destination safely. So, make this Mother’s Day extremely special in every possible way! For further details about the services you can visit


We cannot let go of any opportunity that provides us the chance of having a good time. It is even more fun when our friends are the people around us. We often love partying with friends but the truth is that party automatically takes place wherever friends get together.

Sports and friends make a great enjoyment package. Even if a certain friend is not interested in sports he or she will come along for any sporting event just to be with friends. Some people, mostly girls may not be as interested in sports as boys are but when it comes to wrestling, I guess everyone is equally crazy for it.

The Ring of Honor world championship is scheduled on Saturday, May 5th. You can plan a trip with your friends to enjoy and experience the action, rage and destruction live at Ted Reeve Arena, Toronto. You can buy tickets online to make sure that all your friends are in for this thrilling and action-packed sporting event.

Enjoyment cannot be availed to the highest point if your car is troubling you in one way or the other. When traveling with friends for a thrilling event you must have a branded vehicle that displays style as well. And there is nothing more stylish than a limousine!

Toronto airport transportation makes available for you stylish, spacious and luxurious limousines for all sorts of events including sporting events. Hiring a Toronto airport limo benefits you in many ways than hiring an ordinary ride. It is chauffeur driven so you don’t have to worry about the parking or driving issues. Even if you get drunk you can be sure that you are going to reach home safely.

So whatever the event is, if you desire to have fun and enjoyment you must hire a Toronto airport limousine. Check out our website for more information.


It is a fact that traveling is not usually enjoyed by people but there are ways that people find out to make traveling interesting because we need to travel no matter what. People come up with different ideas to have fun while traveling. Some like reading, kids mostly like playing games but what’s the most effective way of making traveling interesting is music. Most of you will agree with this. Music is the best way that reduces the boredom while traveling. Thanks to the ground-breaking latest advancements in the technology that makes easy access possible to music wherever and whenever needed.

But think about traveling for a party or a night out or any other event in a car that has no music available for you which is probably not possible today. How would your traveling experience be in a car that has a music system that is not functioning properly? If you are a true music lover while traveling you would not be able to enjoy at all without music.

So why risk your trip and pleasure? Hire an airport limousine for your trips that wouldn’t at all be complete without a hi-fi music system. The luxurious airport limos are equipped with CD player, MP3, AM/FM radio and all that you need to have your favorite music in the background while traveling. Its not at all fun to have ear phones on for music when traveling with a gathering. You have an amazing alternative vehicle that is easily within your reach despite being one of the expensive vehicles in the world. The music system in the limousine can make you jump off your feet just like the music in the night clubs. No less enjoyment as you can enjoy while breaking on a dance floor. What more can you wish for?

The Toronto International Film Festival better known for its shorter pseudonym TIFF is considered as the best film fare in the world after the Cannes Film Festival. TIFF limo services provide transport to many celebrities such as actors, directors, and producers as well as film critics to and from the festivals and celebrations that take place every now and then.

Distinguished individuals of the film industry gather in the city of Toronto from over 60 different nations. The guest list of motion picture community is around 300,000 members and all of them require TIFF limo facilities. This service ensures that celebrities reach their respective events of the film festival safely and at the right time.

The Toronto International Film Festival begins on the night after Labor Day on the first of September and these festivities carry on for 11 days. The purpose of TIFF limo is to ensure that prestigious visitors do not have to worry about conveyance issues to reach at each occasion as well as for some sightseeing in this great city.

There are various evening occasions like parties for which guests require special transportation services as TIFF limo provisions. During the 11 day festivities TIFF limo facilities are responsible of taking guests to the famous SOHO House Party. Other occasions occur at the Spoke Club in collaboration with Nikki Beach for which limousine services are required.

TIFF limo rentals are offered by City Executive Limousines. They make sure that the celebrity guests are provided with comfortable tour of the city as well as they attend all the occasions. TIFF limousine services also ensure that the visiting guests are received as well as taken to the airport before and after the festival. TIFF limo rentals provide their services 24/7 and for different occasions it has become a necessity. Hence, City Executive Limousine services are a reliable choice and great to travel in.