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If you want to enjoy New Years Eve celebrations in Toronto, a good place to do so would be the Nathan Phillips Square. There is something for everybody as children, young adults and families as a whole. So hire yourself a limo in Toronto and enjoy the New Years Eve celebrations at Nathan Phillips Square.

Nathan Phillips Square is a place where the city comes together to welcome all the people of the world and make memories together. It is a monument to the idea of openness, togetherness and freedom.

The 29th New Year’s Eve party at Nathan Philips square will have something for all such as interactive exhibits and musical performances. The famous DJ Clymaxxx from KISS92.5 will be spinning the best music for all to enjoy. Clymaxxx will basically be the opening act for the live performances by Fat head and God Made Me Funky.

Blues music by the award winning Flat Head with some of their songs from their new album will make the New Years Eve celebrations at Nathan Phillips square most memorable. You can also enjoy some old school beats by God Made Me Funky. The Nine Peace musical ensemble will pay tribute to Sheila E and Donna Summer with various groove tracks for the skating rink.

There will be all kinds of edibles available as their will be countless food trucks. There will be various other entertainments for the night as street curling and a photo booth that will be taking pictures for sports net magazine. New Years will be celebrated with the most beautiful fireworks display for all to enjoy. This will be an event that will have something for everybody. So gather all your friends and family hire a Toronto limo and celebrate New Year’s Eve together.


If you want to celebrate the coming of the year of 2014 in the most memorable way then you better hire a limo in Toronto and attend the Majestic 2014 New Year’s Eve party. If you want to organize yourself with a group of friends the Majestic New Year’s Party is the largest and most elaborate event of its kind in Toronto where you could have a great time with your friends. You should hire yourself the services of reliable Toronto limo as there are expected to be 2,000 guests celebrating at the Majestic New Year’s party.

The style and mannerism of the location of the New Year’s Eve party requires one to hire luxury transportation services. The event will take place at Fairmont’s most extravagant concert hall as well as the Canadian Room. The atmosphere is of the utmost sophistication as the site of the party has very high ceilings, a balcony, beautifully arched windows and magnificent crystal chandeliers.

The beautiful Claudia Maria will host the event where music of the hip hop, R&B and house genre will be played. Michel Dequevedo, Vlad Morffis and JB Allen will all perform at the event. They will be escorted in Toronto limos with Claudia Maria to this New Year’s bash. This occasion has something for everyone. A standup comedy show will be presented by Ali Badsha. Even a live cabaret show will take place by the group Diva Girl. The party includes dinner as well.

A person has to make sure that their enjoyment does not result in any ill consequence that might make them regret the occasion for a longer time period. This is why they should be organized with a responsible chauffeur that will make sure you reach the party and return home safely.


Are you aware of the luxury executive vehicle that stands ahead of all other vehicles when it comes to being comfortable and delivering high performance under all road conditions? Luxury Sedan is the ride that is most commonly seen on the roads for executive purposes. They are the all round vehicles in the executive car range, constructed with the finest materials and equipped with luxury and sophisticated accessories and fittings. The Luxury Sedan is the best executive vehicle known for its first-rate road performance, enhanced safety, economical driving and spacious interior. A more balanced and smooth drive is the result of the proactive mechanical system.

Toronto airport transportation makes it really easy and affordable for everyone in the Greater Toronto Area to make a Luxury Sedan hire due to its competitive rates, excellent services and easy reservation procedure. You can hire the luxurious airport limousine for picking up clients from the airport and dropping them, taking them to the sites and for a number of other business reasons. Your clients whether regular or new will always admire the treatment they will get by the experienced and well-mannered airport limo chauffeur. These lavish vehicles boost some unusual technology when we talk about the safety features. Preventive protective measures can be employed to diminish the consequences of a collision. A camera constantly monitors the road ahead. These rides are more environment friendly and economical because of their hybrid aluminum construction, ultra efficient start-stop and recuperation system and LED lighting.

Whenever you are planning for a corporate event anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area make sure you stay safe and have fun in the lavish airport limousine known as Luxury Sedan.


In order to truly enjoy New Years with your friends and loved ones you have to make the most out of the night. This usually requires that a party crew set out for a night out in town in a limo in Toronto. As the whole city will be celebrating it is very wise to hire the services of reliable Toronto limos. Now if you plan on travelling to and from a party you will need a responsible individual that will drive you around the city. You also have to realize even if you are behaving responsibly others might not be and which is why you need a reliable chauffeur that will take all the precautions.

The Twelfth Hour New Year’s party at the Trump International Hotel and Tower is a well rounded celebration catering to young professionals that want to party at New Year’s with sophistication. This is definitely an event for which you will require Toronto limos. The party will have a two story ball room and New Year’s celebrations will be enjoyed with Champaign. This party will have a glass façade that will be seen by the entire city as it will be 65 stories above the Toronto city sky line. On the 9th floor DJ’s will be playing the latest top 40 tracks and on the tenth floor the very best of old school hip hop, rap and R&B will be playing.

Celebrating New Years should be an occasion in which everyone welcomes the New Year into their lives. However, it must be done with the utmost responsibility. If you will be consuming alcoholic spirits then it is advisable that you hire the facilities of Toronto transportation service that will not only guarantee your safety but be reliable in ensuring you reach every venue you desire on time safely.


As it is holiday season and Christmas is round the corner too, you will be coming up with plans every other day. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed and enjoyment is unending fun when it is with friends or a good gathering that may include your neighbors too. Traveling is a very important part of our outdoor leisure plans but driving is not the same when it is winter season. When a hindrance occurs while traveling whether it is a tyre puncture, traffic jam or your car breaks down because of any reason; it seems as if excitement starts fading.

Enjoyment must not stop no matter what! Toronto airport transportation has a number of luxurious vehicles for hire. There are many special aspects about these trendy vehicles but if we look at the snowy roads and foresee what can happen to a car with ordinary wheels when on the snowy road, we must know that airport limousine is equipped with special winter tyres that make driving better in winter. No matter how large the party size is all the vehicles from 3 passengers Sedan to 14 passengers Van and Party Bus are geared with tyres that are capable of beating the snow on the roads.

So make a limo hire when planning winter outdoor activities and be sure that you will not be distracted by the vehicle that you are traveling in. Limo hire is a great way to save money on leisure trips, especially long distance ones.


Christmas is the time of the year that everyone practices gratitude for all that they have. Many festive traditions such as great feasts and singing Christmas carols have originated from the 1,800s. In order to teach your children to celebrate Christmas in a truly traditional fashion you can always celebrate Christmas at Black Creek Pioneer Village.

Black Creek Pioneer Village has many structures that were built in the 19th century like churches, hotels, schools, mills and shops that you can visit.

The Christmas celebrations at Black Creek are designed to be enjoyable for the whole family so hire a limo or a luxury vehicle to travel comfortably to Black Creek village from a Toronto transportation service. There are many Christmas celebratory activities that include children’s entertainment, meals, treats and wagon tours.

Your family can snuggle together in front of the fire and enjoy the traditional Christmas music that plays at night. A traditional turkey and pumpkin pie dinner is served during the holidays.

Christmas is a holiday that is best celebrated with your family and loved ones. You have to be careful and make sure that you have planned out the trip to Black Creek. You need to have a reliable vehicle with a designated driver that will take the responsibility of ensuring you reach the Village and reach home safely. This is a reason why it is a good idea to hire the services of reliable Toronto transportation service.

Our loved ones deserve to be happy and grateful at Christmas. They must also learn to appreciate the values of Christmas and the many traditions past down that are a part of the celebrations. Hire a Toronto limo and celebrate Christmas at Black Creek.


Hiring limousines for special occasions and executive purposes has become a common conception in modern countries over the past few years. But you must know which limo to go for because the fleet provided by the limo hire companies may put you in a confusion. Though there are many factors on which your limo hire is based but here we will just see which limo to choose for a certain group of people. You will be familiar with the types of common limousines you are offered for a hire but all of them are made for different purposes and for different number of people to be accommodated.

• Luxury Sedan
If you have an executive conference to travel to, you can carry three colleagues with you as 4 people can easily be accommodated in the Luxury Sedan.

Sporting events with friends is fun and an aggressive SUV is fit for seven people to travel conveniently along with their luggage like sporting gear etc.

• 6 Passenger Presidential Stretch Limousine
As you can figure out by its name, 6 people can comfortably enjoy traveling for different purposes like proms and nights out.

• Late Models Stretch Limousine 6,7,8
This trendy black leather seating Lincoln Town Car Stretch is a fabulous vehicle for a party of 6-10 passengers to travel. The stretch limo is an amazing vehicle designed for events like weddings and private parties etc.

There are also other kinds of lavish included in the fleet like Ford Econoline Van, 14 Passenger Stretch Excursion and 6 Passenger Sprinter Limo Party Bus which carry large party sizes without being stacked in. You can hire any airport limo you want but you must know the number of people that is going to travel. Having a 4 passenger airport limo hired and fitting in 7 people will give you no pleasure of an actual limo ride. So keep the exact party size in mind when going for a limo hire.


The 47th annual Cavalcade of Lights is about to take place in a matter of hours to officially mark the holiday season in Toronto. The holiday season at Nathan Philips Square is kicked-off by the official illumination of the Square and the giant Christmas tree. This traditional lighting display at the Nathan Philips Square features the lighting of over 300,000 energy-efficient LED lights and the official Christmas tree. These lights will shine from November 30th  dusk till 11 pm every night till January 1st. Cavalcade of Lights is a month long city-wide celebration which includes sparkling LED lighting displays in Toronto neighborhoods.

Awesome performances are waiting for you, including Tyler Shaw, Cold Specks, R&B, Divine Brown and Carvin Winans. The Great Gulf has sponsored the first lighting of the official Christmas tree and a display of breath-taking fireworks will follow. You certainly can’t miss this! A live concert, open-air skating party and a lot more fun waits for you. All you have got to do is set aside a lavish airport limo and have fun with your dear ones. Toronto airport transportation is the most reliable ground transportation service that you can find for traveling all through the GTA.

It’s the official start to the holiday season so it’s got to be big! The big ride, airport limousine is the vehicle that can make you feel the beginning of the holiday with a lot of fun.


Limousines are vehicles that are meant for different types of personality. There is a category of people who are show-offs. It’s cool to be a show off sometimes.

People who fall for nothing less than supreme classiness displaying their status in everything they do and everything they take in use are too choosy about their means of transportation when they are traveling out of town. They travel in the first class of the most expensive and luxurious airline and always go for a royal treatment whether traveling by air or by road.

Waiting for the taxi at the airport after a flight is not their style. Hiring an airport limo is the most luxurious means of ground transportation to and from the airport unless they have not arranged their personal car to be there as they reach. This becomes a lot complicated so, to keep up the level of superiority you can make a limo hire. Wherever you are headed to in the GTA you can arrange for a lavish airport taxi waiting for you at the airport. You don’t have to wait to be carried to your desired hotel because the Toronto airport transportation is very prompt. As soon as you land you will welcomed at the airport by the very-well dressed and well-mannered chauffeur.

You can quickly board the airport taxi and start moving to the hotel you have booked. Limousines are the rides meant for wealthy and high-class display. You can avoid the trouble of bringing your car along with you and reserve an airport taxi instead. That’s the best option!


A long hectic flight to Toronto can drain all your energy and then the last thing on your mind would be finding a destination where you could relax and take a long nap. But the most crucial task is looking for commute to reach at the desired spot. This could be resolved too, with the assistance of ground transportation services which has a large network spread out to different areas of Toronto, so you could easily go to any popular place.

If you travel to Toronto often, you need to manage time to complete all your tasks; along with that the sightseeing must be on the ‘to do’ list. What fun would be your trip if you do not see the beautiful city of Toronto- famous for being the hub of business and having the tallest buildings? If you will be able to plan your trip well, it would become a worth remembering tour.

Reserve a hotel room in any of the popular hotels of Toronto, since it’s about spending a short period of time at a place, so it has to be a good one. Call up any hotel you like, which could be Hour Seasons Hotel, Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto, Hotel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square or Ritz-Carlton Toronto and make an online booking.

To reach at a particular hotel, you need a car that does not break down, is in a good condition, has a driver aware of the directions and must have enough room for your luggage. For this you can dial up the most trusted transportation in Toronto, Celimo Transportation Service. Once you’re done you will witness:

A chauffeur in uniform at the airport waiting just for you to escort you to the Toronto airport limousine you have booked for yourself. And the next very moment you will see a huge and luxurious limousine parked just outside the airport for you. Sit back and relax till your airport limo takes you to the hotel. You won’t feel exhausted even after a long flight and the best part is saving up all your energy for the next day.

Later, even for your work or business meeting you will feel fresh and determined. That’s what a reliable transportation services could do!